Hi! I'm Aaron, a New York based freelance copywriter, content writer, advocate, and editor, operating primarily in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces. I work with brands and advocates in these dynamic and rapidly growing fields to sharpen their messaging and increase their impact by writing high level professional content. I specialize in web copy, creative content, proofreading, and editing.

Please browse some samples of my published work below.

Two New Releases Show Technology’s Psychedelic Frontier

Can digital media trigger shifts in consciousness as pronounced as psychedelic substances? The recent release of two interactive mindfulness experiences suggest that it’s not only possible, but a glimpse of the future commingling of consciousness practices and technology.

SoundSelf presents a virtual reality journey guided by the user’s breath and vocalizations. For example, slow and deep Ohm’s generate one experience, while quick Heh’s produce another. Developed by Robin Arnott and the creativ

Utah Clinician Exemplifies Innovation in Ketamine Therapy

A ketamine clinician in Utah is using a method of intramuscular injections which he says provides longer lasting benefits than more common protocols. The promising success rates claimed for patients receiving this therapy, who suffer from Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and suicidality, reflect continuing innovation in what a growing consensus of prominent mental health professionals say is the breakthrough potential of ketamine treatment for mental h

AOC Says She'll Introduce More Psychedelics Legislation In Congress

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said she supports the national movement to decriminalize psychedelics and plans to again introduce legislation promoting research into such substances, according to an activist who spoke with her following a town hall meeting on Sunday.

At the event in New York City, the congresswoman had a brief conversation with a member of a local group working to advance a measure to remove criminal penalties associated with entheogenic plants and fungi such as psilocybi

Resource Innovation Institute: Advancing Resource Efficiency to Create a Better Cannabis Future

Resource Innovation Institute to Release Best Practices Guides for Cannabis Growers at MJBizCon Vegas

The cannabis industry has now grown to the point that cultivators are facing cost and scale pressures that require them to operate their production facilities more efficiently. Resource Innovation Institute assembled some of the most experienced voices for its Technical Advisory Council, and has created a comprehensive set of standards for cannabis growers in the areas of lighting and HVAC syst

West-1 Logistics Resets the Bar for Commercial Extraction, Spent Biomass Solutions, and Advancements in Water-tech for Cannabis

Brian Hess’ background in design and development included projects for the US Military, NASA, and automotive products. Today, at the helm of WEST-1 Logistics, he’s engineering and innovating production methods in the hemp and cannabis extraction space, including a revolutionary method for reusing – and monetizing – spent biomass that otherwise creates an expensive disposal issue for large scale extractors. “Almost every extraction plant I’ve worked with recognizes there is an issue relative to t

Dr. Bronner’s Psychedelic Mushroom Trip

David Bronner, Inheritor To His Grandfather’s Legacy and Soapmaking Empire Brings ‘Constructive Capitalism’ To Regenerative Cannabis Farming and Therapeutic Psilocybin Activism

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps remain an iconic and distinctively American staple brand and curiosity, their wordy labels ubiquitous from Northwestern co-operative farming communities to the upscale bodegas of gentrified North Brooklyn. The boldly colored packaging includes Dr. Bronners ‘Moral ABCs’, a religious, political

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